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Shale Oil Set to Change the Energy Industry

The face of energy has the potential to change thanks to the shale energy revolution, and Aschere Energy Dallas is aiming to have a hand in the reshaping of the industry. Over the course of the next twenty years, the oil and gas industries will see a dynamic shift in how raw materials are accessed and the resulting drop in oil prices will have a lasting impact on how the world operates. In addition, the industry will see significant gains in production, but will have to adapt to changing market conditions.

With the arrival of fracking on a grand scale and new shale oil production gains, the energy industry is poised to take off in locations where before it was virtually nonexistent. Of course, local and state regulations will play a major part in the shale energy revolution, because those guidelines will determine precisely how much energy related products are manufactured in specific geographic areas. Since many shale related projects require a significant amount of infrastructure, the oil industry has far reaching impacts for a number of related businesses.

Companies like Aschere Energy Dallas are essential to provide tactical assistance for drilling technology. Understanding the new methods of extraction and production are necessary for safe and environmentally responsible companies to tap into the abundant reserves in shale rich locations across the globe. Of course, as the reliance on oil and oil related products increases, those companies and geographical locations involved in the industry will become major players in the redistribution of economic power. In short, a lower oil price and more available product has the ability to make a huge difference in how the world operates.

Therefore, it is extremely important that policy makers and politicians understand what changes might, and will be, taking place within the short-term and long-term. A small roadblock today could equate to a massive detour over the next five years or become a major source of frustration only to be overturned in the next decade. Decisions based on careful consideration of lasting effects need to become the norm for the energy industry.

As shale oil continues to flow into the market, a number of people and other industries stand to gain momentum, and this is a thought process that needs to be understood by everyone involved. Adapting to the changes will take no small amount of preparation, but the rewards are there for everyone to gain.



Aschere Energy believes the economic benefits stemming from the construction of pipelines namely job opportunities are compelling considering the current 8 percent unemployment rate in the nation.

Aschere Energy has confidence in estimates that approximately 20,000 shovel-ready jobs would be generated by the construction of a pipeline.

Research conceding the project estimates the operation of a pipeline from Canada into the United States would generate 179,000 American jobs by the year 2035.

Currently, the United States relies on imported energy to meet 45 percent of its energy demands. Oil is a global commodity subject to the forces of supply and demand of the marketplace.

A potential increase in supply from the Keystone Pipeline will definitely have an impact on domestic prices of gasoline. Aschere Energy Dallas believes that calculated development of natural resources such as the Utica Shale and the increased supply from Canada will not only reduce the cost fuel but eradicate the country’s dependence on foreign sources of oil that involve the nation with countries that have open hostility to the United States.

According to the Energy Information Administration, the global price of crude oil determines about 75 percent of the price of gasoline. The pipeline will deliver an additional estimate of 800,000 barrels of oil per day to the United States from Canada, serving as potentially the largest supply of international oil.

Although the project has tremendous benefits, the issue has been greatly politicized by the U.S. President in the international arena, as he delayed the project fearing it may upset his political allies on the Left. In fact, the U.S. State Department received the permit application in 2008, yet the President has not made a decision.

Moreover, extensive studies have been conducted on the project during the last four years. It has been determined to be efficient and safe environmentally for transporting oil. For example, the proposal has been re-routed for protecting areas in Nebraska which were found to include environmentally sensitive sites.

Ultimately, Aschere Energy believes this is not the time for developing a transformative because of fear of political backlash. The project has profound potential of developing employment opportunities and reducing the price of gasoline without harming the environment.

Gas Prices Are Down

A decline in gas prices has been a relief to many consumers planning for travel during the winter months. Businesses have also been affected by the fluctuating prices. In response to the changing prices, companies are exploring options to remain stable during the times of uncertainty.

Why are oil prices dropping?

Oil prices have changes due to reduced consumptions and demand for oil. Greater competition from other energy sources is another reason for the reduced gas prices. Higher domestic production levels have also contributed to decreased demand for foreign oil. OPEC’s goal to maintain competitive pricing has been in response to the growing competition and decreased demand. With all of these factors affecting gas prices, consumers and business owners stand to win in several ways.

How are gas prices affecting energy companies?

Companies in different areas are benefiting from the lower gas prices. Lower energy costs increases the amount of funds available to consumers for spending. Companies with transport and logistics needs benefit from the lower prices. Businesses relying on shipping like farmers and manufacturers can spend less in overhead in maintaining their fleets. Energy companies have taken an interesting approach to addressing the lower gas companies.

What are the available opportunities for energy companies?

Companies recognizing a need to increase profitability amid the declining gas prices benefit from exploration. These companies have invested in drilling in deeper waters and other experimental methods like fracking to increase their bottom line. Others are expanding their portfolio of services to explore the opportunity of incorporating renewable energy sources into the services offered. Companies like Aschere Energy Dallas have made the decision to pivot and explore new directions to protect their profitability. Aschere Energy has started to invest in developmental drilling practices and focusing drilling efforts in unexpected areas. Energy businesses have learned to diversify their portfolios of services effectively in order to improve their bottom line in a climate where countries are adopting economic policies centered on diversification and energy-independent policies.

Falling fuel prices benefit consumers the most. Businesses can lower their operating costs as a fuel prices continue to drop. Energy companies are investing more in diversification and energy exploration practices to build and grow their businesses.

Expanding US Energy Exports

Over the past year, energy prices have reached lows not seen in almost seven years, and this development has caused many legislators and energy experts to consider whether the United States is relying on outdated energy policy to forge a path into this new era. Not only large energy companies, but smaller concerns such as Aschere Energy Dallas can play a significant role in making the U.S. an energy leader in coming years.

Expanding Energy Increases U.S. Strength

Greater expansion of American energy resources can have a number of favorable consequences for the country. Expansion can create jobs that will stabilize the U.S. economy, creating more jobs, and a more secure workforce that is better able to participate in the consumer economy. But this expansion will also have wider ranging effects. US energy exports to Europe and other countries will diminish the influence of troublesome nations in the world marketplace. In March of 2014, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska pointed out the advantages of using the country’s energy reserves to provide greater security around the world, decreasing reliance on countries with governments that are known to support groups that work to destabilize nations that depend on their oil reserves. Senator Murkowski emphasized the importance of moving quickly to take advantage of this new abundance in energy production to secure the nation’s role as an energy superpower.

U. S. Increases It Market Share

Over the last decade, U.S. energy exports have tripled from 4 quadrillion btu’s to over 11 quadrillion btu’s in 2013. Recent data indicate that America has moved from a net energy importer in the global market to an energy exporter. The Senator from Alaska proposes that the current ban on exporting crude oil be lifted and that second-guessing the marketplace by placing arbitrary restrictions on natural gas for export be stopped, because it directly hampers the country’s ability to use these resources effectively for the national good.

The Role of Smaller Energy Companies

US energy exports can be facilitated not only by relying on the energy giants to lead the way, but also by providing support for smaller energy companies who are also benefiting from the new technologies in oil and gas production. These enterprises are moving into areas such as offshore drilling off the Louisiana coast and refining of crude supplies. Companies like Aschere Energy Dallas can contribute to America’s efforts to increase the country’s expansion of its energy markets to help to create a more peaceful and secure planet.

ASCHERE ENERGY Announces New Rockingham Joint Venture Well, Continued Drilling Success in South Texas

Flow back operations on Aschere Energy’s Rockingham well results in over 1,000 barrels on initial production.
ASCHERE ENERGY is thrilled to report that the Rockingham Fields Joint Venture 3D Quintanilla OL-1H Well (API # 42-311-35394, Permit # 761449) McMullen County, TX, USA commenced flowback operations culminating in initial production over 1,072 barrels of crude oil equivalent on October 14, 2014. The flowback crew was released on October 20, 2014 having concluded operations and the well continues to recover frac load water through commercial production. The Rockingham Quintanilla Unit has already produced 13,073 barrels of sweet premium crude oil and 11,416,000 CF of natural gas in just over the first month of commercial production, initially producing from an adjusted 22/64 choke to a highly restricted 13/64 choke on regulated production, the estimated total economic value of which is roughly $1,045,840 at $80.00USD/Barrel.
The growth of unconventional oil and gas production is creating a new energy reality for the United States. – Alex Parvizian

TEXOZ Quintanilla OL 1H well was connected to well test equipment for flowback operations on 10 October 2014. TEXOZ had been testing the well for approximately 76 hours on various choke sizes with a maximum reported rate of 744 bopd. This peak rate was achieved over a 2-hour period in response to adjusting the choke size. The-24 hour test prior to peak production was approximately 886 boepd (Barrel oil equivalent per day, 6mcf=1bbl). The well was drilled to a total measured depth of 13,555 feet (8,958 feet TVD) in August 2014 and was drilled with a 4,286 foot lateral into the Organic Oil Liquids Rich Olmos sandstone formation. Aschere Energy’s President and CEO, Mr. Alex Parvizian stated: “Our strategic alliance with TEXOZ E & P has allowed for our Industry and Capital Partners, working united under a common purpose, to merge proprietary digital 3D imagery within a revolutionary application of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracture stimulation techniques that can be replicated in 15 to 30 additional PUD locations over an expansive 3,800 mineral acres. This World Class discovery allows for strategic and capital partners to leverage and monetize these strategic PUD commercial reserves.” …“The growth of unconventional oil and gas production is creating a new energy reality for the United States; that growth has not only contributed to U.S. energy security but is a significant source of new American jobs and economic activity at a time when our domestic economy is a top priority.” Aschere Energy anticipates high impact and long-life production in the development of a prospective 5.1 million barrels of crude oil strategic reserves with this, the first of a planned 15 world class horizontal oil drilling field development within our immense 3,816 mineral acres within this lucrative $870,000,000 AWP OLMOS FIELD McMullen County, Texas USA For more information regarding Aschere Energy please visit its website: Aschere Energy’s integrated business model combines performance and responsibility within a strategic vision. Through the latest technology, coupled with sound business principles, disciplined oil and gas exploration and extraction has never been a more exciting commercial enterprise. Rooted in our General Partnerships, forward-looking technologies and applications allow us to merge revolutionary 3D digital imagery with advanced horizontal drilling and stimulation techniques to maximize their fullest ultimate potential. We can monetize strategic commercial reserves within the producing field while mitigating our managed risk threshold yielding more lucrative and sustained results with our Industry and Capital Partners.