Aschere Energy

Aschere energy is based out of Texas and it is known to lease out to existing oil and gas fields. These fields offer high production success rates. The company employs state of art drilling technologies and is therefore able to drill and finish the wells, at very affordable and cost effective prices. Their charges are considerably lower than that of their competitors’.  Aschere energy basically takes up drilling offset wells that are positioned in close proximity to the existing oil or gas producing sites. These prospects are located well within the reservoirs that are already mapped out.

Energy is known to be a very volatile industry in the world today. The need for additional sources of both gas and oil has never been greater than today, as the consumption grows and the demand consequently increases.  Till a few years ago North America and especially United States largely depended on the supplies from foreign lands, especially for their oil and gas requirements. But in the last several years there has been a great change of scene. This has been a kind of renaissance which is now showing the potential for a resurgent US industrial recovery largely based on the production of cheaper local based energy.  Thus companies like Aschere Energy are playing a very important role in the energy revolution. There has been a huge increase in tight oil and shale-gas extraction in the recent times, which has added an impetus to this revolution.

Consequently the government policies have also become very industry friendly. This combined with the better access to drilling sites, various market incentives, stabilization of property rights etc, has helped  the companies such as Aschere Energy are able to contribute significantly in the field of oil and gas extraction in the United States.  These companies are poised to once again strike it big in the field.  All the above point have been welcome incentives and the engineers have been successful in using their skills and the latest in the technology field, to help the country inch very close to being self sufficient and more than being able to meet the energy requirements of the country.

The United States might well surpass Saudi Arabia in the daily oil output in the next few years. The driving force is the non-OPEC production which in the next decade will be responsible for the growth in the global supply. Thus the energy revolution in North America appears definitely unstoppable. As the United States also undergoes energy regeneration, you can be sure that companies such as Aschere Energy will have a large role to play in it.  This company is poised to be one of the major players in tight oil production in the United States.

Aschere Energy has many partners with whom they have participation agreements. These agreements set out very stringent cost parameters relating to the well drilling and completion phases of all the live projects The company is renowned for maintaining longstanding relationship with well established service providers, who undertake drilling and seismic mapping.  This kind of organized planning enables the company to initiate various projects and successfully finish them within the planned time frame.


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