Expanding US Energy Exports

Over the past year, energy prices have reached lows not seen in almost seven years, and this development has caused many legislators and energy experts to consider whether the United States is relying on outdated energy policy to forge a path into this new era. Not only large energy companies, but smaller concerns such as Aschere Energy Dallas can play a significant role in making the U.S. an energy leader in coming years.

Expanding Energy Increases U.S. Strength

Greater expansion of American energy resources can have a number of favorable consequences for the country. Expansion can create jobs that will stabilize the U.S. economy, creating more jobs, and a more secure workforce that is better able to participate in the consumer economy. But this expansion will also have wider ranging effects. US energy exports to Europe and other countries will diminish the influence of troublesome nations in the world marketplace. In March of 2014, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska pointed out the advantages of using the country’s energy reserves to provide greater security around the world, decreasing reliance on countries with governments that are known to support groups that work to destabilize nations that depend on their oil reserves. Senator Murkowski emphasized the importance of moving quickly to take advantage of this new abundance in energy production to secure the nation’s role as an energy superpower.

U. S. Increases It Market Share

Over the last decade, U.S. energy exports have tripled from 4 quadrillion btu’s to over 11 quadrillion btu’s in 2013. Recent data indicate that America has moved from a net energy importer in the global market to an energy exporter. The Senator from Alaska proposes that the current ban on exporting crude oil be lifted and that second-guessing the marketplace by placing arbitrary restrictions on natural gas for export be stopped, because it directly hampers the country’s ability to use these resources effectively for the national good.

The Role of Smaller Energy Companies

US energy exports can be facilitated not only by relying on the energy giants to lead the way, but also by providing support for smaller energy companies who are also benefiting from the new technologies in oil and gas production. These enterprises are moving into areas such as offshore drilling off the Louisiana coast and refining of crude supplies. Companies like Aschere Energy Dallas can contribute to America’s efforts to increase the country’s expansion of its energy markets to help to create a more peaceful and secure planet.


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