The Booming North American Energy Revolution

Energy is a volatile industry in today’s world. As consumption increases and demand grows, the need to find additional sources for oil and gas has never been greater. While in the past North America, particularly the United States, has had to rely upon foreign suppliers for much of its oil, a renaissance has taken place in the past several years. As a result, the potential now exists for a U.S. industrial recovery based on the production of cheap energy. With huge increases in shale-gas extraction and tight oil, companies such as Aschere Energy are playing a vital role in this energy revolution.

With companies such as Aschere Energy Dallas and other cities in Texas are poised to once again strike it big in oil and gas. Through a combination of government policies that have become more industry-friendly, increased access to drilling sites, the stabilization of property rights and various market incentives engineers have been able to use their skills and the latest technology to help North America get closer and closer to being self-sufficient regarding energy.

With the United States ready to surpass Saudi Arabia in daily oil output and non-OPEC production being the driving force of global supply growth for the next decade, the North American energy revolution appears ready to be unstoppable. It’s estimated by 2030, one-half of the 16 million barrels per day increase will come from tight-oil, with two-thirds of them coming from U.S. tight oil and oil sands in Canada. As the Southwestern U.S. undergoes an energy revitalization, Aschere Energy will be one of the major players in tight oil production.

Most experts agree that government policy is the driving force behind these changes. While East Asia, Latin America and Africa have substantial shale and tight oil resources that equal or surpass the United States, the combination of government policy and sound infrastructure will allow the U.S. to stay ahead of the competition. With Aschere Energy Dallas and other major oil-production cities in Texas will use the investments made in technology and infrastructure to once again become key players in the world’s energy market, enabling them to increase production, add new employees and make significant contributions to the local, state and national economies.

While the future of the energy industry is always changing, using the correct combination of technology and policy will let the North American energy revolution produce extraordinary results in the coming years.


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